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Thankyou for visiting My name is Martin Salway. I have drawn and painted since childhood. My love of art and design in its many forms took me to study for a BA (hons) in three-dimensional design and later to Brunel university to complete a MA in design strategy and Innovation.

I practiced in the architectural and interior design sector for some years either side of my first degree.  After completing a post graduate certificate in education, I went on to teach design and visual communication to degree level in UK and European universities. I have always been inspired by the world around me, sketching and painting in my spare time. I also enjoy exploring the potential of photography in my work. 

“The joy of applying paint and other medium to create a form or image is a wonderful feeling. At no moment in time does a landscape remain the same. Look away for a moment and the light and shade will change the tonal value of the view in seconds. I strive to capture the mood of that moment”.

Now living on the Shropshire/Welsh border, I am now able to further explore and develop my painting particularly of landscapes. My work hangs in private collections and is represented in galleries in North Wales, Shropshire and Norfolk. I now feel  confident that I can almost call myself an Oil painter and artist!

I hope you enjoy the site and work. Please contact me through the website. Your feedback is always valued.

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